Lux Futurum 2024

Lux Futurum is a global recognition program that actively looks to identify, explore and promote future-oriented ideas, projects and people that are pushing the boundaries of design, thinking, technology and innovation in lighting design.

‘LuFu’ will honour ingenuity, originality, forward-thinking, and impactful contributions towards the future of lighting design while addressing important global issues.

Submissions will be accepted from VLDC members and the wider lighting and associated community to be considered as participants of the LuFu annual forum to be held in China. A panel of industry experts and VLDC thought leaders will then select the most inspiring and cutting-edge submissions to be invited to attend the forum in China where they will be asked to present and share their work and to join the annual honours list.

LuFu aims to create an opportunity for ‘East meets West’ with visibility going both ways. LuFu is produced by Virtual Lighting Design Community (VLDC) in conjunction with the Zhu Rong Team.

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